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“How much farther is the village?” Martyn asked Hovs.
“It is just over this hill,”Hovs replied. They had been walking for only twenty minutes, but Martyn’s hunger was low and he really needed something to eat. He was going to complain about the distance again when they topped the hill and down below them was the village. Martyn breathed a sigh of relief and trudged down the hill to the nearest house. One of the villagers saw the hungry travelers and gave Martyn and Hovs some cooked potatoes, carrots, and bread. Martyn thanked the villager and quickly devoured the food. He heard approaching footsteps and looked down to see one of the village children running towards them.
“Mother! Father! I saw him! I saw him!” the young boy shouted.
“Who? Who did you see?” Martyn asked when the boy stopped in front of him out of breath.
“It…was...the pale-faced man and his creeper pet..,” the boy gasped.
“Israphel! Where? Did he have a girl with him?” Martyn asked.
“Yes and he was heading through one of the nearby portals.”
“Come on Hovs we have to save Keayi!” Martyn said before turning to the boy and asking “Can you show us where the portal is?”
“Set her on the arcane table,” Isarphel ordered.
“YessSSss massSSsstaa,” Creeper_Boss laid Keayi onto the blood stained table and chained her wrists and ankles with the blood stained chains. Keayi opened her blurry eyes and screamed when she saw Creeper_Boss’ horrifying face. He smiled at her showing his green and jagged teeth.
“Now now pet we want to make her comfortable before we sacrifice her to Herobrine,” Isarphel pulled out a gold dagger and ran the dull side against her throat. Kaeyi closed her eyes and tried not to whimper like a lost pup, but it still came out. Isarphel laughed as a group of black robed cultist walked in and began chanting to Herobrine.  Kaeyi began crying uncontrollably as Isarphel used the point of the dagger to make a shallow cut along the bottom of her jaw.
“Tonight is the night that I will finally HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!” with that Isarphel raised the dagger ready to drive it into Kaeyi’s heart.
Sorry for the loooooooooooong delay in story uploads. #blamecollage
I'll try to be a little more consistent.
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